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About me:

I am an Indian, now residing in Alexandria, Virginia with my husband, Dev. 

I worked as a Corporate Banker for five years in Mumbai, India after which I fulfilled my (and my father's) long-cherished desire of an international MBA. After graduating from Cranfield School of Management in UK, I worked with the luxury car-makers: Jaguar Land Rover. 

A few years later I took a career break, got married and moved to the States with my husband. I am now a consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers in US. 

I like nature-watching, going for unorganised treks, reading, cooking and freestyle bollywood dancing. I am an intermittent blogger and like nature photography. 

I believe in making the world smile because the best part about a smile is... you always get it back! 

About this blog: 

This blog was born on a rather cool winter night in Mumbai in December 2009 when I had an experience which made me reflect. I needed to write about it and hence started this journey. I blogged intermittently since then either about me or my experiences till 2010 when I left for my MBA. During my MBA in 2010-2011, I blogged about my experience through the course. The blogging stopped once I started working. However, when I started planning for my wedding from Bhopal, I noticed how little information was available on the internet and hence decided to blog about the same. 

I read a lot of blogs and am now planning to blog regularly - in my opinion, it is the best way to express oneself. 

The direct links to blogs on various topics are:

My experiences, thoughts and views: Please visit the 'Words' tab on the navigation bar above

Places I visit and my recommendations of must see places: Please visits the 'Travel Diaries' tab on the navigation bar above

My days at Cranfield: Please visit the 'Days at Cranfield' tab on the navigation bar above

A Bhopal bride's wedding blog: Please visit the 'Wedding Diary' tab on the navigation bar above

Hope you enjoy reading my blogs and that some of my blogs are helpful to people. 

Please leave your comments and help me improve my blog. 

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