A little over 2 months since I finished my MBA or a little over 1 month since I officially finished my MBA… and I have only been thinking of writing my last blog for the year (after this, I will go back to my blog titled “words” and “pperspectives” (  Life after MBA has been a roller coaster ride… if MBA was busy, post-MBA has been busier. No, I have not yet found a job and a job is not the reason for my being busy.  Sometimes I feel, I did an MBA to become a hunter…house-hunting followed by job-hunting!! These are the things that have kept me busy.

I intended to sum up my MBA experience in this one post but then I thought… if I wanted to do that I should rather just attach my SOAR II report here (for those reading this and not aware what SOAR II is: it was one of the MBA assignments where we had to put the entire year into perspective and write about learning et al). So, this post will no longer be about that but about the find memories I have of this one year.

It has definitely been a lovely year with some wonderful people. And I did learn something or the other from most of the people in the cohort. The fun and the laughter we all shared through various celebrations and get-togethers… we celebrated all the festivals… had some superb international evenings will forever be missed.
For the last 2 months I have wondered, what is it that changed in this one year? Am I the same person I was a year back or has something changed? After much introspection, I concluded that things certainly have changed. The year was mainly about knowing myself, introspecting, working on ‘soft skills’. A year gone by…a year thoroughly enjoyed… a year of transformation!

Last Thursday, we had a get-together for our cohort. It was wonderful to see people, to share our frustration from the recruitment processes, to congratulate the ones who had got jobs and say ‘same here’ to the people who were almost getting broke by now trying to make survive in this expensive city!

Well, so adios everyone… see ya at my other blogs… hope the year gone by has a good ending! All the best to my friends still job-hunting and to those who have already started their new journeys!!

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