First two weeks

First few days in UK
As August was ending, my anxiety was increasing. The anxiety about the new life that was awaiting me...miles away from home! I was both, dreading the D-day as well as looking forward to it. The D-day:12th September 2010. The moment when I parted from family was tough.

The journey began at 01:45 am on the 12th of September 2010. Seven of us were on the same flight. The flight was not very peaceful. The anxiety was kind of killing. Lots of thoughts about the year ahead, my people back home, never thought getting sleep could ever be so difficult! The flight landed at London, Heathrow at 06.30 am (ahead of the scheduled time of 06.45 am and the crew was very happy to announce the same!). The pickup from the University was arranged only for 08.15 am. However, as soon as I came out of the airport one of my fellow students told me that I already had someone waiting for me and pointed to the person. I saw the placard.. "Prachi Kh.... Mumbai to London..Jet Airways"... ohh wasn't I glad! I asked the person if he was from Cranfield and the fellow probably dinht understand me and just nodded. The next thing was I was moving towards the exit when it struck me "how come none of the others had a pick up!" Here goes the conversation after that:
Me: But are the pick up for the others not arranged?
Driver: Where are they going?
Me: They are also going to Cranfield.
Driver: Ohh and have they arranged for a pick up?
Me: Yes ofcourse, we have all registered for the Airport Meeting Service.
Driver: Ohh... then they will have a pick up too.

I just could not get this thing in my head. Gut feeling said, there is something wrong. I waived to my fellow students and asked one of them to come. After a little more discussion, we got to know that the driver dint even know where Cranfield is! Wow! And I had almost left with him!! I looked at his placard again.. it said "Prachi Kharpe.. Mumbai to London.. Jet Airways". Interesting!!

Later, we met the actual people who had come to pick us up. The drive to the University was nice. It was a lovely weather. Reached Cranfield around 09.30 am and all of us were given our respective rooms. The weather at Cranfield was very cold not the temperature..but the chilly wind.

The place is scenic and green all around with lots of apple trees on campus. First day...kind of lonely. Sunday after the last year's batches left. Not a soul on campus!! :(
The feeling... "did I make a right decision?" kept creeping back in my head... then thankfully the day ended. And began day 2! Monday... excitement about what was in store... here come David Simmons to welcome us all...

The week was full of classes and activities, simulations blah blah blah from 9 am to 5.30 pm followed by kitchen parties...had good fun..started liking this little place... :)

Then came week 2 which was equally good! Off to London now for a weekend break. The main MBA starts next monday!!
(written on 24th September 2010)

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