Diwali at Cranfield

Diwali... the festival closest to my heart!! The lights of the diyas, the rangoli, the excitement, the preparations, the food... I love everything about Diwali!

For years, I have celebrated this days with the people closest to my heart...my family! And this year...I was miles away from them. Difficult!! The day was bad..homesick...which made me sick. :(

And then came the wonderful evening... when we were handed out the cases for an assignment.. 'Written Assessment of a Case' (in short: WAC). Tea, Toast and Tenacity! Sounds interesting! The agenda was: Read the case, re-read the case, discuss with your learning team, discuss in the class with the whole stream, have pizza which has been made available (courtesy: the social reps) so that you don't have to go home and cook, discuss with the learning team again, go back home, share notes with friends, say good night to friends and start working on your report, try to work but can't get your head into the report, try to get some sleep, have dreams about economics, wake up early (very unusual for me!), start typing continuously for three hours, go back to sleep, wake up after two hours and stare at the watch wondering where the time went, start typing again, finish by 4.30 pm and rush to submit it. Ahh.... those of you wishing to read more..that was the end of it! That's how I spent the diwali night...discussing and typing instead of lighting up the diyas!!

Well... saturday went by... Sunday was the Diwali celebration day for us at Cranfield! Delicious home-made food (thanks to the wonderful chefs in the cohort!), lots of dance and the pleasure of seeing everyone enjoying Diwali so far away from home! Diwali could not be as it always is at home but then... even a bit of celebration away from home is worth it!! :)

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