First snowfall experience!

27th November first encounter with snowfall. woooo hoooo...!!!

Snow covered path
I hate early mornings yet I could not avoid it on 27th Nov 2010 to wake up at 6 am since I had TO take a bus at 7 am to travel to Oxford for attending EMERGE (a conference on social entrepreneurship). I dragged myself out of bed and forced myself to get ready. Finally, I stepped out of my place at 6.50 am and as I stepped out of the building little snowflakes wished me good morning! It was still dark, the entire pathway was covered with snow and glowed in the light of the bulbs. The scene looked lovely! I felt the snowflakes on my face... that was an experience! I loved the view. I suddenly realised I was cold and so I rushed to the bus.
The road where the bus broke down... in the middle of nowhere!
We moved at 7.10 am and then may 3/4 miles away from Cranfield, the bus broke down in the middle of nowhere. If Cranfield is in the middle of nowhere, thiS was even worse!! Someone played with the idea of walking back to the University and I shivered with the thought of walking back while it was still snowing. Thankfully, the driver arranged fr another bus to come and pick us up and while waiting we enjoyed the scenery outside. The snow covered fields looked beautiful. I was thrilled with the view and the idea of having experienced the first snowfall! Wonderful!! Loved it. Though I know, this would not be the last snowfall I see in UK, the first one will always have its charm!! :)


  1. I can understand how euphoric you would have got experiencing your first snowfall. The firsts of anything are always etched out in our memories. Not snowfall though I also remember the first time i experienced a derivative of a snowfall when I was a kid. Circa 1983-Calcutta. We had what we call a "Shila Brishti", Shila meaning chunks of ice and Brishti is Baarish, rains. I don't know what you call that in Hindi or English. Chunks of ice fall along with the rains. I was very excited to witness my first ever "Shila Brishti". One such chunk dropped in our drawing room through the window and I rushed to it to hold it. But the moment I touched it, it turned to water. Thats all I remember. There have been other "Shila Brishtis" that I have encountered (once we were caught unawares playing lawn tennis), but the first one is always better.

    So I can understand the excitement that is still brewing in you. Great you had your first snowfall. Now get some break and craft out a plumpy snowman.

  2. @ Dev its called "ole" in hindi. Yes its a wonderful experience.

    Coincidentally this posts takes me back to my childhood days at Massouri. When we played with ice balls like seen on television. ;)

    And I also remember my first scary horse ride on an electric horse - damn, I must seek and destroy that pic of mine !

  3. @ Dev... yes once there is enough snow, I will do that!!
    @ Prateek... I remember all I did was cry coz my socks kept getting wet and Maa had to keep changing them.. I was sooooooooo cold and that electronic horse ride... I cried even on that..gosh I was so scared! U managed to smile even in the snow and the horse ride. And u also made lot of people smile with ur 'covering ur face with the cap' act...haha


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