End of Term One!

Exams just got over...what a relief! Not sure how I will do in the last exam, I finished a 2-hour SDS exam in a little over an hour. Now I am confused whether the questions were too easy that I could answer quickly or were they so difficult that I did not know anything about them.

Anyways, exams over means party time and what better way to start a party than stepping out of the examination hall and be greeted by snow? The watery snowflakes (yes, they were very watery... the melted the moment they fell) felt nice despite the cold. Almost the whole batch gathered at the Social club...people discussed the vacation plans and bid goodbyes to the ones who were not attending the MBA Christmas party later in the evening. After a while, we moved on to get ready for the MBA Christmas party. I thought of taking a nap before getting ready but alas that wasn’t in store. L I had not realised that my room was such a mess during the exams! Well, a bit of cleaning up at the room, talking at home and general surfing took my time and then I had to rush to get ready.

The party was good...the food was ok... but the company was great. The whole cohort enjoying themselves and sharing stories about their experiences in term one. Oohh la la... finally term one is over and strangely none of us realised it was that long! Isn’t it strange that I have been here for about four months and it seems like ages but I feel that the term went by really quickly without giving a moment to even blink the eye!! 

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