End of year with shopping!

I got a feeling… that its gonna be a great new year! Celebrating new year with my family in Dilli dil walon ki! Being in Delhi after so long feels good…nothing can beat the spirit of Delhites. I love Mumbai too and Mumbaikars are great in their own way. Delhi has a different feel altogether. The streets are never empty of people, narrow corridors filled with people standing haphazardly and enjoying their chaat- a view you will probably not be able to find anywhere else in the world. The rush outside Bengali Sweets…puts some off but to me it brought a smile to my face! J I have seen this before and have even been one of these during my college days and will do it again!! 

As soon as I step in Delhi, my college memories always come flooding by. Those were the days. Shopping for the next season in the off-season sale, freaking on chaat and khatte laddoo, Mc. Donalds’ ka burger, Indian food at I-ching (guess that wasthe name of a small vibrant Chinese restaurant that served delicious Indian food- what a combination!), chocolate excess at Barista… these were a few of my favourite things. Delhi, I would say gives the best shopping experience, if not in the world then in India atleast.
After so many years, here I am in Delhi again, ready for a shopping spree with my best shopping mates… my Mom and my brother!! Yipppieeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. Happy Shopping! :D

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