The start of the new term with PMI experience!

After the refreshing Christmas break that I spent with family back home, I was looking forward to the new term. The term started with PMI (Project Management Introduction).  I knew there was going to be a simulation and I was excited about it...we did something similar in the Pre-MBA and it was a good experience. At the end of the week, I felt like I had run a marathon! 
  • Do not try to put your hand into everything. Always divide work. 
  • Trust your team. Well, this is a lesson I learnt from my Boss at work rather than here. So, I already did trust them. :)
  • Patience and being calm in crisis is the key. Again, something I learnt from my Boss. :)
  • Plan, plan and plan. And if something goes wrong, replan on the same lines as the original plan. The strategy remains the same.
 Classes from 8.45 am to 5.45 pm followed by team work to prepare for the Simulation. The most interesting and challenging part of the course was the Simulation. each team was given a contract and was required to build a warehouse profitably. The minimum time for delivering the project, if everything went well, would be 14 weeks (each cycle was one week). After the entire day of classes, the team would sit together and work on the projections, the deliverables and the strategy of how we would minimise costs. It was an interesting thing to do. So, there we kept sitting sometimes till even 2 am working on the reports or presentation for the simulation. After all, it would get us marks...the higher our profits, the higher will be our marks! There were a few keys lessons I learnt during this simulation:We followed these and made a profit. A few mistakes but a learning experience. :) 

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