Am I already lagging behind?

It’s just the start of the term and I seem to be lagging behind. Felt miserable today for having missed an email about a social venture competition. Over the past few months, my interest in social ventures and corporate social responsibility has been increasing. I have always wanted to work towards the cause of education and I was hoping to put forward my idea in this competition. The passion for doing something on those lines has made me think and rethink on the subject, and now that I had something clear in my mind, I missed this deadline. The worst is... TODAY was the deadline!

I seem to lagging behind on applications, interview preparation... but those are my targets for this term! I need to prioritise even more and to plan very efficiently. Have set a few targets for this term and need to achieve them. And, what about football? I really wanna be good at it by the time I leave from here so have to do some good practice for that too!!

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  1. Work half done... Go for it !
    Missed opportunities are best lessons


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