Cranfield Vs. LBS and the Burns Night Ball

Women's Football teams from Cranfield & LBS
The much-awaited Burns night event happened exactly a week back! A day full of sports... football, rugby, badminton, squash, table tennis... against LBS. How badly we wanted to win this one. It was a cold day and everyone on the grounds- players and supporters alike- were freezing but that did not deter us from playing. We played hard and fair. Alas! We could not win any sport except the Table Tennis... the team that did us proud. I wish I had played football, not that we would have won if we played but standing their cheering my team made me feel like getting on the court and try. J The women football team played really well. Cheers to them! Many people were hurt during the games but no one was complaining. The best part was that I saw most of them dance in the evening during the Burns Night Ball.

The Table-tennis Champions!
The evening was a special affair... black suit party. I had always wanted to attend one of those black suit parties and being there did feel nice. Everyone was so immaculately dressed- perfect suits, suave gowns. There were people all around, some networking with LBS students followed by Scottish dance. The Scottish dance was the most enjoyable part of the evening. After having fun with the Scottish dance, we moved to CSA. I caught up with my old team at CSA and we had some good time teasing Chris. By the time I got back home, it was about 2 am. 

A good evening after a long time...lots of people, happy faces, lovely dresses and lots of fun! Felt just right!!

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