International week...the Indian show

The MBA International week started on 26th January 20111 and ended on 31st January 2011. Each evening was allocated to different countries to show case their culture, food etc to the cohort. It started with China, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand followed by other and ended with a bang with the evening where we, the Indians, invited the cohort to experience our culture. As goes with the Indians, we put up our food stalls a bit late but once we had put the stalls up, people queued to taste the Indian food. Most of us were dressed in Indian attires- the girls in sarees or salwar kameez and the boys in kurtas. We played a video of the old ‘Mile sur mera tumhara’  and showed our cohort the different cultures of India and the video ended with a few of us stepping on to the stage to sing the chorus and folding hands for a ‘namaste’ to the cohort. The whole thing gave a feeling of immense joy and it was an emotional moment when the cohort applauded to this act. 

The cultural programme that followed included a classical dance, a presentation on various parts of India where we told people about the diversity of culture in India, a flute performance and a dance by the kids. We had some prize distributions for non-Indians based on who dances the best on songs like ‘Sheila ki jawani’. 

We had three course meal..where we served starters, main course and dessert, all made by the superb cooks on our cohort and we were amazed to see that everyone liked the food so much. 

People said they had been waiting for the Indian evening and they thoroughly enjoyed. These words make us swell with pride for being Indians. And so my Facebook message...’Prachi Khare is so proud to be an Indian’!!

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