The four day weekend

Been long since I wrote... Lots has happened since the International Week... Term 2 passed in a whiz and I could not decide whether time was passing too quickly or too slowly...a tough decision. Term 2 exams were interesting! Apply you knowledge was the challenge! J

The Easter break was the best time I have had till now in UK. I visited Scotland and enjoyed every moment of being there. Also spent sometime in London. Did a bit of shopping. That was one week..the next week, I just recharged my energy- i.e. slept, watched movies and generally lazed around!!

Then started Term 3 with a bang! It started with a recruitment presentation by A.T.Kearney. Day 1 of Term 3 and we need to start job search at an accelerated pace. The deadlines are glaring into our faces and people are doing 4/5 applications per day. It makes me think whether I should be turning in applications at that rate or should I follow my current level of efforts into applications? Well, I decide to stick to my ways!

Last week I also had an Assessment Centre. My first real assessment centre. Actually, last week was very hectic. With SOAR pending (delayed to be true!!) and preparation for AC required, I was almost getting nervous about things. Finally, the AC went just alright (hope the results are alright too!) and I turned in the SOAR as a WAC (actually in lesser time than a WAC!).

The weekend that followed was the Easter weekend which is quickly coming to an end. The long four-day weekend is something I always look forward to... the weekend spent sleeping, shopping, reading, lazing and most importantly...job searching! Just one more day to go and still got a checklist to complete.... aaahhh...these checklists and me... God save me!!

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