Countdown to the wedding...

Well countdown to my wedding has begun… a little less than 6 months to go. I can proudly say about 60% of my wedding preparations are done. Like always, there are still some little things left but I can say more or less done.

I am a Bhopal bride and it was really difficult to find things around as my parents have recently moved to Bhopal while I have been living in UK for last few years. So, none of us really knew our way around. I am starting this blog with the hope to help future Bhopal brides with some planning…and to create memories of my journey to the D-day

The details:

My groom is a Bengali from Kolkata. We are not Bengalis and the wedding will be a mix of both traditions. So while the Wedding will happen in Bhopal (mainly following our customs), there will be a Bengali style Reception (Bou Bhaat) in Kolkata.

Things to plan:
  1. Wedding venue and decorations
  2. Functions – Sangeet, Mehendi, Reception etc.
  3. Outfit for each of the functions
  4. Trousseau including accessories and footwear
  5. Make-up Artist and Mehendi artist
  6. Guest list
  7. Stay arrangements for Baraat as well as relatives & friends
  8. Invitations
  9. Photographer and videographer
  10. Food menu
  11. Transport
  12. Gifts for in-laws
  13. Vidaai gifts for guests
Not necessarily in that order though!
Keep checking this blog as I share my journey here.

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