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I had a difficult time trying to find a MakeUp Artist (MUA) for the wedding. The most famous beauty parlours in Bhopal are probably Rose and Nicky Bawa. Both offer bridal makeup services and I have heard accolades about Rose from a few. I enquired about bridal services at these but did not have a detailed interaction with any of them as I was not convinced that my skin was the priority for them.

I have very sensitive skin and I need to be extremely careful about the way I treat my skin. For my wedding day, I did not want layers of makeup on my skin, I wanted my skin to glow. During my desperate search on the internet to find something, I read something about Mrs. Sheela N. Kishore and came across her website. The website did not have many details so when I visited Bhopal, I called her. Within 5 minutes of meeting Mrs. Sheela (Aunty, as I fondly call her), I knew that she would be my MUA. She is an aesthetician to the core – absolutely passionate about what she does. She refused to come over to the venue to do the makeup- something I have seen even the best of MUAs do. However, she had a point- Aunty explained to me how the lights are different on the stage and in the room that I will have at the venue, she could create the stage environment in her studio while doing the makeup, something that is not possible in a small room at the venue. Satisfied with all her answers to my questions, I agreed to travel from one end of Bhopal to the other just for the makeup!

I took my pre-bridal services from Sheela’s Salon De Beaut—ź as well. Her staff is well trained and friendly. I opted for bridal makeup by Sheela aunty herself. She dedicates herself completely to the bride, which means she takes only one bride at a time and the best is, she does not try using all the products and all the jewellery on you… only what suits your skin, your face and your personality.

Mrs. Kishore is on Facebook and has a page dedicated to her salon. Please do not hesitate to drop me a message if you need her contact numbers. 

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  1. Thanks Prachi for your valuable feedback. we are glad to make you happy. See you soon again. Cheers!


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